Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Natural High in a Red Wrapper- Go Raw- Real Live Chocolate

Every week (normally Sat or Sunday) I choice my one indulgent meal/treat (non-paleo). Last week, I had a perfect foods bar and as good as it tasted it was not worth the aftermath of it not agreeing with my stomach.

I think chocolate is a much better choice for me. I have been wanting to see what comes in this little red box of 100% organic 100% vegan 100% raw - live chocolate
Contains only
  • raw organic cacao
  • raw organic agave nectar
Inside are 6 individually wrapped pieces of heaven.
Each square is 32 calories and 3g of sugar.

The box says "The truest chocolate in the world- pure & simple. With a totally guilt-free conscience enjoy the natural high you feel after indulging in this incredible living treat"
I did get high on this and totally recommend this for a perfect pick me up to make you happy. Ditch any cheap chocolate loaded with crap and taste the difference with high quality chocolate. It's worth it.

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