Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Branching out @ Tender Greens- Salad in the Raw

I have a tendency to always get the same thing at Tender Greens because their grilled vegetable salad is so good and it is different every time depending on what vegetables are in season, but last Sunday I tried something different.

The Rustic Chicken Soup w/ Lemon Thyme was amazing! There salads can be pricey and if you are not that hungry this soup would be a good choice.

Salad in the Raw- 8 vegetables and raw nuts w/ living vinaigrette. LOVE THIS SALAD- New favorite salad for sure. I don't know what is in the dressing, but it is light and good. I would love the recipe for this whole salad. I'm so happy I tried it. My husband and I got two new ones to try and we both ended up wanting this one because it was delicious. We also ordered the Tuna nicoise salad and I did not even finish it- didn't love it probably because the salad in the raw was so much better.


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