Friday, April 2, 2010

Paleo Girl Eating - what the heck is Dextrin?

Pre-workout breakfast
  •  1 hard boiled egg
  • 1 hard boiled egg white
  •  Green Fix (I'm going to the Little Italy Farmers market after the Cowles Moutain workout if anyone wants to go with me.  You can get this there).  I always feel good getting vegetables in first thing in the morning.
Kombucha planned on having, but decided not to.

Post-Workout Meal
Fully loaded raw salad (sprouts, tomatoes, radish, carrots, walnuts, avocado, kale, spinach, red leaf lettuce) w/ lemon dressing & grilled chicken (21 seasoning fm TJ, olive oil, and lemon juice)
+ zucchini homemade pesto & chicken 
+ 1/4 banana and strawberries for dessert 

Snack- Green apple w/ cinnamon & a small handful of raw almonds (never eat a carb alone- to balance blood sugar levels and keep hunger at bay)

Homemade (grainless) chicken nuggets  (almonds, paprika, garlic, & pepper) w/ tomato sauce
and carrots (will be the recipe of the week for next weeks newsletter)
I was inspired to make a healthy version of chicken nuggets after watching Jamie Olivers Food Revolution. Great for kids! 

Dessert- organic, unsweetened apple sauce w/ cinnamon- love cinnamon!  Ate the top and added more cinnamon- great for blood sugar stabilization.  On Sale at Sprouts! Sprouts just opened in Carmel Mountain and they have lots of great things on sale like Hemp milk and Yerba Mate.

 Dinner- Busy working on Wardobe Therapy, so Dan brought us dinner from Tender greens.
Raw 8 vegetable salad with Ahi and Rustic lemon chicken soup. 
Snack- Oh crap...I wish I did not eat these.  They sounded really good and I love that they look like the vegetable.  It is a real green bean that looks like a chip!  They have salt on them, which is not paleo friendly.  I've been wanting to find out what dextrin is because that is what is in these yummy things.  Now I know...they are going in the trash today... sorry Dan.  I will try to make my own somehow.

Anyone have a dehydrator that they use and like?  What do you make in it?  Can I make something like these in a dehydrator?  I'm thinking about getting one so I can mimic the Two Moms in the Raw crackers (I will show u in a later post), but want to test it out first.

According to WiseGeeek "To make dextrins, a starch such as corn, sweet potatoes, tapioca, or corn is subjected to a hydrolysis process, which breaks down the long molecular chains in the starch. The resulting material is a dextrin, a simple carbohydrate. 
The primary property of interest shared by dextrins is their potential as thickening and binding agents. Dextrins can be used to create glue, which explains why you may have heard about “wheat glue,” and they can also be added to foods to help them stick together. Dextrins may be included in some pharmaceutical preparations as well, helping to hold together the constituents of a pill.
Many commercial baked goods are made with dextrins, as are sauces, dressings, and similar preparations. Home cooks generally use other ingredients and handle their foods a bit differently, eliminating the need for dextrins.
People who know that they are allergic to wheat or corn should be careful around dextrins. Companies are not required to disclose the starch they use as the source of their dextrins, and as a result there is no way to guarantee that a food with dextrins is safe for consumption. Starch sources vary from nation to nation and season to season, depending on what is cheap and readily available".

Better off making my freakin food myself. 


  1. Thank you for the post and the pictures! I just ate those veggie chips from Sprouts today, and went on a search to find out about dextrin and if was paleo friendly. On my search I found your post.
    I am new the paleo diet (10 days in) and regardless, I ate them about 40 minutes ago and feel sick to my stomach! Did you have the same reaction? I don't think my body was expecting that.
    Thanks for your blog!

  2. love your post. lot of great info.

  3. Yum! But doesn't this seem like a lot of blood sugar-spiking fruit for a true "Paleo girl?" Maybe OK for you because of the big workout? I've been wondering about dextrin too.