Friday, May 7, 2010

Windnsea Cafe- no mayo tuna salad :)

WindnSea Cafe has this delicious tuna salad over mixed greens and avocado. 
I'm definitely going to mimic this one because the tuna had no mayo, but it was not dry
He said he used: tuna, lemon, onion, parsely, & tomato

Sometimes  Almost all the time it really bothers me that so many places make it such a change to eat real whole foods that are healthy.   It makes me so happy to live in San Diego with a variety of places that provide healthy "real" food.  Thanks to all the healthy restaurants and cafes in San Diego- we love you!

If you have a restaurant that you love that has all organic, hormone/antibiotic free meats, and healthy food choices, please post a comment about it below.  I love learning about new places to go besides my favorite top 5. 

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