Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Green Detox

It was so fun having my nephews come down and stay with us.
My husband Dan put together "man camp" that included survival skills like if there is a shark you punch them in the nose, a bear you run down hill (good stuff I did not even know), hiking, first aid skills, kyaking, fitness tests, manners like how to pull out a chair for a lady, good listening skills (how to start a conversation, look people in the eye, and not to be the "topper", etc. 

I did the healthy eating part, so for every meal I feed them I would say why it is good for them and what it does for their body.  
At the end of the trip, they took a healthy eating quiz with questions like:
1. I want to eat foods that:
a. comes out of a package
b. has a mother and comes from the ground
c. comes with a prize in the box

Everyday I want to eat something that is what color?

b. green
c. white

they both did excellent.

and they had to list 3 action steps that they are going to take to be healthy and take care of the body God gave them.  I was so happy when I got a call from their mom at the store trying to locate the foods that they ate at my house. 

When Nathan said "who knew healthy eating good be so fun"- it was like music to my ears.
They loved being able to make their own juice in the juicer. 

If you have kids, I encourage you to make eating healthy fun and stay tuned for my healthy kids snacks and foods that will be coming soon

Making them a part of it is a great way to get kids to enjoy healthy food.  My little niece Allie, is growing some tomatoes and loves them.  More and more schools are also planting gardens and b/c kids are a part of the process they enjoy eating it that much more.

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  1. this is such a great idea Jessica! lucky nephews!