Monday, June 28, 2010

Traveling Vita Mix - Raw Pineapple Cheesecake - Nori Rolls -

 We went on an awesome white water rafting trip with our friends and family.  The kids wanted to be in the dogs cage all day. It was like a little petting zoo for them.  It made watching them so easy, but I think at times the dogs wanted to be rescued. 
Duke, Cali, & the kid.

 White water rafting at the Kern river is a great adventurous trip to take. 

It helps to have a hot guide. Makes me want to fall in so I can be rescued ;)

 It was so nice going up with my in-laws because they rented an RV, which is my kind of "luxury" camping. Cathy, my mother-in-law, went to "All Access to Jessica's Kitchen" and the Vons/Trader Joe's grocery store trip, so it was amazing to have all healthy delicious food on the trip. 
My nephews, Dan, & his Parents
 I packed the Vita Mix on the trip and I loved it!  It is so nice to still have a full kitchen. 
 Some how I totally lucked out being in a boat with two firemen, a rescue swimmer, and another guide. 

 Cali is getting bigger.
 You won't believe what this is...Raw Pineapple Cheesecake...and it is Paleo Friendly!!!
Delicious....check the newsletters for this recipe coming soon! 

 Nut crusted chicken with avocado.  This is yummy. 
  1. roll chicken in egg (make sure chicken is thin)
  2. roll chicken in ground nuts & herbs (I used macademia, almonds, and walnuts w/ rosemary, basil, and garlic)
  3. put olive oil in a skillet and cook (make sure you don't burn your nuts)

 Carrie brought Nori rolls to a potluck and I have been making them ever since then. Simple and good.  At first, I used my old nori and it was not crispy so I bought a new package and they were much better.
  1. Nori Sheets (seaweed- find at health food stores)
  2. pile in the veggies (spinach, avocado, cucumber, pepers carrots, lime juice- celery doesn't work too well)
  3. roll
I make these at the beach they were that easy.  The nori sheets have a salty taste, which makes them good. 

The sand is golden in Coronado right now. Looks like Gold. It is beau

This weekend we went to a Marriage Getaway with the Rock Church in Palm Springs.  
Again the Vita Mix got to come :) I created my little kitchen in the hotel room. 
 I packed this stuff to take with me, which made is so much easier then going out for every meal and much less expensive.
The sticky notes are so Dan knows what vegetable juice is his and what is mine.  I make his with some sweet vegetables and mine without. 
 Almond milk for my shakes.  This is one of my last cartons of Almond Milk, if my recipe for my own turns out okay.  Mixed green, Ahi, coconut water, and blueberries. 
 Vegetable juice, lemons, and salad dressing.
 April got a fitness room that had a treadmill and workout equipment right in her room!
If you are traveling, check with the hotel more and more hotels have rooms like this or you can request for it to be brought up.  We stayed at the Westin. 
 all this right in her hotel room. 

 such a fun trip. I think I need the traveling case for the vita mix now that it gets to travel more.  Wish I would have though of that a long time ago.

Take Away
  • Do Something Adventurous- that gets you excited and a little scared- life is too short to be boring
  • Make time for quality time for your spouse and you to really connect. Share 5 things you love about each other and qualities they have that you wish you had.  Tell your spouse why you admire them.  Don't let the busyness of life distance you both.
  • Make some new recipes, so you don't get bored with the same old stuff.  Add in some seaweed. 

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