Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Straight From the Farm

I ordered a shipment of my meat from Good Earth Farms because they carry high quality, grass feed, hormone, antibiotic free, pasture raised, meats that are not stressed out.  It came on dry ice so it was still frozen. 
Good Earth was recommended to by Guided Health Solutions. The important thing about this meat is that they don't eat grains.  They eat grass and feed that they are supposed to eat, which makes them healthier cow. 

I love that Sean from Underground Wellness said "you can't expect to get health from sick animals". 

I split the order with Terra my neighbor to try to get the free shipping, but our order was still too small to get the free shipping.  If I had one of those big freezers then it would be perfect to put in a large order one time and be set for a while, but in the mean time I will be testing out who I like best.

The meat is expensive, but it is high quality and like Micheal Pollen says it is good to eat meat like a garnish, so it should last a while.  I also plan on trying US Wellness Meats, the Farmers Market meat guy, and the place in La Jolla.  I will keep you posted as to who I like best.

Are there any places for quality meat you recommend? 
Please post below I would love to hear what is good

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