Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cali Girl & The Duke

 Cali.... a.k.s.... Miss Piggy.... a.k.a....Little One
Some of you in class were asking about Duke & Cali, so I though I would post some pictures of them. 
Cali girl is a gift from God (besides her snoring).  She LOVES to snuggle and to be held.  She loves to sit on my lap when I work on the computer or when I do my devotionals.  I know she is just a dog, but during this time of waiting for our baby it is just so nice to be able to hold her like a little baby. 
 She is full of attitude and personality.  
 And when she is not snuggled with Dan and Me then she will be found following Duke around to try to snuggle him.  It so funny since we got her Duke has also become a real cuddlier.
After a rough start... they are best friends now and Duke acts like he tolerates her, but I know he loves her. 

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