Monday, March 28, 2011

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

I don't think I filled you in on how the liver/gallbladder cleanse went.  I was amazed to see how well it worked. Lots of little gallstones came out! 
If you are in my class, I will email you the information for the flush.
The benefits are amazing especially if you are sluggish, tired, have gas, indigestion, bloated, etc.
Even if you don't have any serious symptoms there can be "silent" gallstones that can build up due to toxins.  It can help with allergies, increased energy, and help with addictions. 

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  1. Hi Jess,

    I have been keeping up with your blog forever now and am very interested in more information about this. I know I'm not currently in your classes, but you and I have had so many similar health issues over the last couple years. I've since cut dairy and gluten from my diet (and nearly all processed foods, besides my occasional rice tortilla!)

    I would be willing to pay you for more info, I just know I have all the symptoms in the list and would love to feel a little better than I'm already starting to after years of being constantly sick/tired/depressed/bloated.. etc.

    Thanks for any help in advance! I look forward to hearing from you & I'll continue to read and pray for you regarding your adoption process.


    Sarah Wynn