Monday, April 18, 2011

Crossroads- Every decision leads us somewhere

In class this morning, to motivate the girls to make choices that support their goals and to be the women they want to be, I shared something from Kay Arthur that I loved. 
She talks about Davids life in 2 Sam and the decisions he made and the result of those decisions and what they lead to.

Crossroads are times when we have to make a choice as to the direction we will take Every decision leads us somewhere."  
It is amazing to think that our lives are made up by the small decisions we make each day. 

I just want to encourage you when you come to crossroads and have decisions to make think about where it will lead you.  Decisions do have consequences either good or bad.

You do have the decision each morning to wake up and get to class and enjoy the rush of feel good hormones to give you more energy for the day. 
be lazy and not workout leaving you more susceptible to health problems.

  You do have the choice to stop eating when your body is satisfied, which will help lose or maintain weight.  
to continue to eat until your are stuffed and uncomfortable and then have a lack of energy and slowly creep on extra pounds.

You have the choice to have a bad attitude and be negative making life miserable
to have a good attitude and be positive and enjoy life more. 

You have the choice to eat when you are emotional (stressed, worried, lonely, anxious, sad, fearful, happy, nervous)
to deal with your emotions instead of turning to food that will never satisfy or fix whatever emotions you are going though. 

The choice is yours.  Who you are and who you become is made up of the choices you make today.    Make it a good one :)

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