Friday, April 1, 2011

Next Session Starting Soon!

Imagine what your life would be like if you had more Energy, Focus, and Vitality? 
Would you be able to accomplish your dreams?
 Is your weight and your body image taking up all your thoughts and leaving your feeling discouraged and depressed

What good would you be able to do or what would you be able to accomplish if you did not obsess and think about your weight, your clothes not fitting, and your cravings for sweets and carbs?  

Don't wait another day to start living up to your potential
Sign up today to start the next Session. 

Session Dates  
May 9th- July 30th, 2011

Big Savings!
Fit 2 Wed Membership
  I'm offering a Fit 2 Wed Membership program and a special deal for you.

Full Program (First Time- Workouts & Nutrition)
Months      Membership Price         Savings
12 mo        $181 per month             $200
 9 mo         $198  per month            $100
  6 mo        $223  per month            $50
  3 mo        $298  per month            $0  

* Prices include one month of the full program price and the remaining months of the maintenance price. Membership price already has the discount factored in*         

Maintenance Program (After Full Program- Alumni)
 Months     Membership Price        Savings
12 mo        $148 per month            $200
  9 mo        $154 per month            $100
  6 mo        $157 per month            $50
  3 mo        $165 per month            $0

12 month = 4 sessions each 12 weeks
9 month = 3 sessions each 12 weeks
6 months = 2 sessions each 12 weeks
3 months = 1 session 12 weeks

* Note: To prevent over-training and to increase results, there is a 1-2 week break after every 12 week session. Unlimited number of workouts per session. Payments are automatically withdrawn each month, or paid in full via cash, check, or credit card. Membership includes all consecutive sessions*

Email for your application 

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