Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So Long Insecurity

"We’re insecure. You and me and every woman.  In fact, chronic insecurity is a cultural epidemic, but almost no one is talking about it. And it ticks me off.

Today’s women face unrealistic expectations, and then we’re bombarded with unrealistic images every day, making us more and more insecure. We’re insecure about everything from our looks to our worth as women, from our relationships to our futures, and everything else in between. You name it, and we’re probably insecure about it.

Let’s be honest here.  Insecurity makes us miserableIt cripples us. It makes us feel worthless. Insecurity has been a bad friend to us.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to say “So long!” to insecurity. How? First we have to understand it, and the good news is that insecurity is understandable. The even better news is that insecurity is curable.
It’s time we girls help each other out so we can be the best friends, sisters, wives, mothers, daughters that we can possibly be. In So Long, Insecurity, you’ll join me on a quest for real, lasting, soul-deep security. After reading the book, you can symbolically say good-by to your insecurity"

 I'm just started this bible study with some new friends I've met up here at Canyon Lake and I love it! I've heard amazing things about  Beth Moore's book "So Long Insecurity". I would never even consider myself "insecure' at all, until reading this book the definition is much broader than my narrow minded stereotype of who an insecure women is. Needless to say, I think every woman should read this book.  It is funny and an easy read.

 The book creates such good discussion and having support of other women can really provide true strength to let go and heal any insecurities.  I recommend getting the Group Experience book and get some of your girlfriends together to go through it as a group.

 I made one of my classic recipes for the girls.
Cook all the veggies in a skillet with olive oil, add the eggs, cook in the pan, then finish cooking in the oven. 

 Fruit bar- gotta love summer : )

I love making this for company and for myself to have during the week because it is easy and gets vegetables (fiber), healthy fat, and protein in for breakfast. 

I encourage you to start your own study, join a study, or just read the book yourself. 

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  1. Jess-I miss you terribly! The book sounds amazing, I have to read it. I hope that you are loving it up there!