Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are Designed to Move

"Our bodies are designed to exert energy. When we give in to laziness our bodies store food in the form of fat rather than burning it off through work and/or exercise, and we put on weight. This addition of weight makes it more difficult to exercise and leads to laziness, which in turns causes us to add more weight, and this "vicious cycle" and sedentary lifestyle can cause serious health problems if we do nothing to break the cycle. It can also cause financial hardships, difficulties in the family, decreased sex drive, irritability, and a multitude of other problems".

Get your workouts in with an amazing group of women that make working out fun and enjoyable :) We really do have a special group of women who work hard and are so supporting and encouraging to everyone in class new comers or veterans. 
I recommend signing up NOW for the next session starting August 8th
Contact me to set up your one on one appointment for the last week of July. 

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