Monday, October 3, 2011

The Power of Pen & Paper

If you have goals to lose weigh, figure out what food work for your specific body, or just put more nutritious foods in your body I recommend what research continues to prove over an over to work for weight loss = write it down. Keeping a food journal for a short period of time can be just what you need to stay accountable, get you back on track, or jump start your motivation to eat foods that make you feel healthier and have more energy.
I highly recommend pen and paper because of the ability to easily flip back to see trends.  There is also something special that happens in our brains when we put pen to paper that just is not quite the same as logging it into an app or digital program. 
I know for me I want the women in my program to figure it out for themselves.  For example, I know for me I'm much more likely to continue to eat leafy greens when I have recorded evidence to the benefits them give me instead of eating them cause some nutrition guru tells me I should.  So at the bottom of the journal there is a spot to indicate how your digestion, mood, energy, and cravings are.  It makes it way easier to conned the dots that way to be able to figure out things like "wow everyday I eat a little bit of protein with each meal I don't have cravings for sweets". 

I also included an end of the week review to reflect on how things are going and to set you up for new goals the following week. 

This 12 week Journal is $20 and you can buy yours today via the paypal link on the side of the blog.
It's amazing how something as simple as writing it down can increase results so much.  

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