Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Rooms Painted

 I'm so excited we painted Jedidiah's room.  I went with a grey although the pics look a little more blue. 
 I'm planning on doing his room in grey, black, white, and a little yellow.  In another post I will show you what I'm thinking about for the wall. I have two ideas, but can't decide.
Still have lots of work to do.  We still have card board in the window, but I'm planning on putting in shutters. I had to even show you the picture of the closet, but that is all the stuff from my office that now needs a home.  I sold the mirrored doors for the closet and planning on hanging curtains. 
I'm just so excited to get his room done, just wish I didn't have to go through all that stuff in there. 

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