Friday, December 16, 2011

Hills = Firm Booty

Tomorrow's class is one of my favorite workouts up the back side of  Cowles Mountain (I emailed you girls the directions) 
Below is info for my girls to get amped for the workout.
If you are not in my class maybe it will motivate you to put your running shoes on and tackle a hill.

  • Using the same intensity as running flat, but running uphill you can burn about 100 calories more per mile
  • Running up hill means increased resistance and gravity against you, the good news is your muscle fibers are activated 20% more! 
  • Running hills works your upper leg muscles more than running on flat ground. It also targets the backside, strengthening and toning the booty and the hamstrings.
  • If a firm booty is not enough to motivate you, know that the muscle groups you use to run hills are practically the same as those you use for sprinting, so hill work enhances your speed by building strength. In other words, the benefits of running uphill translate to running flats, which means it will help you earn points for the Fit 2 Win Challenge. 
  • Each 1% increase in the elevation angle requires 4% more energy, so the incline forces you to work harder.
Remember you don't have to run you GET to run.  We are so blessed we can workout and move our bodies and work hard.  Don't ever take that for granted.

 If nothing else, it's a beautiful view at the top.

Enjoy the rush of endorphins and go rock your workout :)

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