Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Sugar Blues

Hi Fit 2 Wed Girls,

Just a reminder there will be no class this Saturday Dec. 24th Monday Dec 26th Due to Christmas.  
Get Your Points:
Please bring your eating journals to class this Thursday and Friday to get your points for this week, since we have no class on Saturday.
Attention: Points will only be given if the electronic journals are not printed out.  

If you have cookie exchanges, left over goodies from a party, or sweet treat gifts from your neighbors, I recommend re-gifting them.  They can make great gifts for your neighbors or friends who are not in class.  

Only a few more weeks of the competition, stay focused and your hard work will pay off.  Extra points will be randomly given out these last few weeks, so make sure you don't miss class. 

If your are tempted by all the Christmas goodies, just ask yourself if it is worth it or not. 
If you decide to eat it, enjoy every bite and don't beat yourself up. 
 If you decide to pass, don't continue to be thinking about it afterward.  Often times we can pass things up and soon forget all about it later and be happy we did. 
 Somethings just a little bite can satisfy that desire, but other times it can lead to craving more and more of it.  Know yourself and then choose what is best for you. Make it your goal to feel amazing this season. Don't let the sugar blues still your happiness.  It's amazing how sugar can make people so depressed, moody, and irritable.  

Merry Christmas!  

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