Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workout Mama

I had this horrible dream that my heart rate was over 12,000 while I was working out, so I thought I should share a few fitness tips for all the pregnant women following. 

5 Workout Mama Tips 

1. Just because we should not get breathless, doesn't mean we can't breath hard, get sweaty, and still have that endorphin rush.  

2. I think spinning classes are God's gift to pregnant women.  They are fabulous for a great workout and low impact on joints.  As your belly grows, just raise the handle bars up to be able to keep on spinning. 

3. If you new "mom boobs" are popping out of your workout tops, I recommend wearing a bandeou underneath for a little more coverage.  Buy it at Nordstrom here for only $12.00

4. Always listen to your body, somedays I can run no problem and other days it just doesn't feel right so I just switch up my cardio to something else. Somedays I can do plank (or modified plank) no problem and other days it is just too much, so I do something else.  You know your body best and it might change day to day based on where the baby is positioned at that time. 

5. Still do abs.  Abs will help you push that baby out.  I recommend putting a step with two risers at one end to do ab work at an incline, standing abs, or ab exercises where you lean back to a 45 degree angle or are propped up on your elbows.  

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