Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love December

Duke & Cali 
Comedy show with Cindy & Reuben for my b-day :)  

 Dan spoke at his Dad's church for the first time. I love this church and all the people that go there.
 Canyon Lake boat parade.  So much fun.  Christy & Me.
 Canyon Lake has a great boat parade every year.
My favorite boat is this one that looks like a fire truck.  Bad picture, but it was awesome.
 Since I take a veggie tray to just about every party, I think it's time I start making them more fun.  So...I had this Christmas tree thanks to Pinterest (i changed it up a little).  The only problem is I didn't really want anyone to eat it and mess up the tree.
 I also saw these snowmen on Pinterest.  Although I don't promote kids eating processed food, they loved them and it was so fun to make with the kids.
 My nephew Ryan and I had fun making these little snowman.
So easy... I used organic carrots cut in half (better cause they are smaller) and a small tube of black frosting.
I have more fun Christmas pictures, but having computer issues that I have fix in order to download them.

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