Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's not a matter of "if I feel like it"

I like the brown rice bowls from Costco the only negative is that it goes in the mircorwave :(
I have not wanted to cook my whole pregnancy, but I'm trying to say to myself what I tell my Fit 2 Wed girls.

Somethings don't matter if I feel like it or not. If you don't feel like working out you don't just not workout (well I hope you don't).  If I did everything I felt like, I would not like who I was or what my life looked like Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do at the time, but there will be delayed (or immediate) gratification later. 

I encourage you to think about those things in your life that you know you should do, but don't do because you don't "feel like it".  It is something that you will be happy you did later?

Anyways...back to the stir sometimes you just have to do what you can.  I normally enjoy cooking but not now, so I'm trying to eat as nutritious as I can while taking some short cuts (fish already marinated, brown rice already cooked).

Stir fried broccoli, spinach, & carrots added brown rice and Mahi Mahi.  Would have been better with chicken tasted weird with fish. 

I think it can be easy to fall into bad habits or excuses after a period of time of real reasons. Ex. If you had an injury, its better now but still haven't gotten back to working out.
For me, I could not cook at the beginning of my pregnancy cause I could barely open the frig without getting grossed out by the smells or the smells of food cooking, but now I don't have that problem as much, but it is easy for me to stay in that same pattern of avoiding the kitchen.  I still don't love it, but I can do what I can do make an effort now. 

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