Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast that Energizes

 Trader Joe's has this great bag of gluten free oats that I like to mix with McCain's Steel Cut Oats.  I know this may sound gross, but I like to add cottage cheese to my oatmeal for some protein and it is actually really good!  Topped with applesauce and berries makes it really delicious.  I still recommend eggs or a higher protein breakfast for more lasting energy, but sometimes warm oatmeal in the morning is just good.
 I also started adding cottage cheese to my eggs. I mix Spinach, peppers, bacon, eggs, and add cottage cheese at the end. Delicious. I don't know if I will keep eating dairy post baby (breast feeding), but in the mean time it's been nice to eat some things I used to eat.
Again make your morning hassle free by making a large skillet full and divide them up in to pyrex.  Invest in a toaster over to warm them up and your good to go.  It always feels good to get vegetables in for breakfast.

Pay attention to what gives you the most energy after you eat.

If you feel sluggish and tired post eating it might be 1.  too high in carbs 2. too much food or 3. the wrong combination of fat, protein, and carbs.

If you still feel hungry afterward, try increasing the protein and fat.  Add the yokes for more nutrients and to stay full longer and to eat less throughout the day.

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  1. When is the baby due?
    How exciting!
    Also, I want to come back for the summer - maybe the Saturday only classes.