Thursday, March 8, 2012

Change Starts with our Thoughts

Hi Fit 2 Wed girls,

With the race at Mission Bay this Saturday there is supposed to parking and trouble getting in and out of Mission Bay, so class will be moved to the Carmel Valley location.  I apologize for the last minute change, but I think it will be better.  Also, I made a mistake last Saturday I said class this Sat was going to be at the convention center, but I was wrong the convention center is on the 17th. 

Class this Saturday March 10th will be at
Torrey Hills Community Park
Interstate 5 exit on to Carmel Mountain Rd, exit 32 (from Local Bypass/CA-56). Turn Right onto Carmel Mountain Rd. Turn Right onto Vista Sorrento Pkwy. Turn Left at Calle Mar De Mariposa, past the elementary school, and into Torrey HillsCommunity Park (drive straight up into the park, we meet by the picnic tables).

Don't forget to bring your journals to get checked.

I don't know about you, but there is always something I want to change (more organized, cleaner house, spend less money, help others more etc).
If you have goals to lose weight, workout consistently, eat more nutritious foods, sleep more, stress less, whatever it is the key to taking our "want to" to actually by "what I do" is by getting a hold of our thoughts and changing them.

I encourage you to stop let your mind just run wild with whatever thought comes in and just let it snowball.  You are intelligent women who can CONTROL what you think.  When thoughts are negative, demeaning, jealous, mean, ugly, complaining, critical, judgemental, fearful, anxious, etc.
You can make a CHOICE to NOT think those things. When they come into your mind, take a step back and think about what you are thinking about and then think about something positive or something positive about the situation.  

The fruit of a negative (critical, judgemental, mean, anxious, fearful, jealous, worrisome) mind can include, but not limited to:
  • headaches
  • digestive problems
  • grinding teeth
  • insomnia
  • breakouts
  • cancer
  • serious illnesses
  • lack of energy
  • depression
  • stomach pain
  • undue fatigue
Negative Mind
Ex. " I blew it -I shouldn't have eaten that or eaten so much, I'm such a loser, I will never be able to lose weight, it's just too hard, I will never be able to change, she just doesn't understand she has always been "skinny", I already blew it so I might as well keep going and eat whatever I want now, I will start again tomorrow"

Positive Mind
Ex. Okay..I ate past the point of fullness and I wish I would have gone for the more nutritious options available.  I will remember this next time.  I will learn from this and be mindful of how uncomfortable I feel now that I am so full I have no energy and feel blahh, I can lose weight, I will learn from this and next time I will eat a little slower so I can feel the fullness and stop when satisfied, it is just one mean, I have the rest of the day TODAY to eat the right amount for my body and to CHOOSE foods that support my goals.  Good learning experience to avoid that trap of eating when I am X (lonely, bored, tired, anxious, worried, overwhelmed, stressed, etc).  I know that X is a weakness for me to want to eat, so next time I feel like X I know that eating X or eating until I'm stuffed won't take the problem away instead I will CHOOSE To do X (read my bible, call a friend, get out of the house, pray, workout, etc)

Negative Mind
Ex. "I'm not in as good of shape as the other girls in class, I'm still such a slow runner, I hate always feeling left behind, I hate holding everyone up, I will never be a fast runner like those girls, this is too hard for me"

Positive Mind
Ex. "Wow, I really pushed myself today and did the best I could.  I can't wait to see what pace I will be at the end of the 12 weeks, I look forward to being able to keep up with the class more, but for now I'm so happy that I am blessed enough to be able to workout and be a part of this program.  I'm so thankful I am able to exercise and move my body" 

Check out my video for you on the blog

Choose to have a POSITIVE DAY - your body & mind will thank you- I promise.

your coach,


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