Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healthy & Fit Pregnancy

 So...my list of pregnant moms following this blog is growing, so I wanted to share some things that work for me to say fit and healthy through out my pregnancy.

Since...this pregnancy has stolen my love for cooking. I keep to really simple things at home.
My current favorite is wraps with LOTS of mixed greens, Trader Joe's Mayo, string cheese, Applegate Farms chicken, wrapped up in an Ezekiel Tortilla (sprouted grain and a complete protein). It's quick, easy, good, and keeps me full because the fat, protein, and fiber.
 I've been addicted to fruit I just love strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and cantaloupe, which are all foods high in vitamin C = good for baby and me especially before labor.

One of my breakfast items I love is:
Mixing McCane's steel cut oats with Trader Joe's Gluten Free Oats, tons of cinnamon. I also use way more water than it calls for and I make a big batch to last me though out the week.  I put them in my individual pyrex containers so I can just put them in the toaster oven in the morning.
I add full fat (yes full fat) cottage cheese, Trader Joe's applesauce and berries.
I use full fat dairy products for a smart baby and to keep me full longer. I actually end up eating way less by having the full fat than fat free or low fat items.

You can also add wheat germ for folic acid to prevent birth defects.

If you follow my blog, then you know that I feel best eating Paleo (grain free), but with being pregnant it is just way to much protein than my body needs.  I recommend listening to your body with what is best for you. I still make sure I get enough protein in and a little bit with each meal, but not as much as I needed before.
 I eat a lot of eggs because they are so good for the babies brain development and the perfect ratio of protein and fat.

I hard boil eggs to have on hand for a quick snack and not much work to prepare.  

 The workouts: (Yes- I'm stretching my Lululemon workout clothes all the way to the end.  Luckily... they have a lot of stretch and always seem to shrink back down after I take them off.  I just wear a belly band underneath to keep my shirts from riding up and to cover the gap.  I also put on a bandeu top for more coverage for the girls) 

I recommend always listening to your body.  My workouts have changed with each trimester as well as daily/weekly.  Some days I run and feel amazing other days I just walk.
Either way if you are cleared by your doctor to workout it is a MUST!

Not just for the improved energy and all the thousand of other benefits, but for your MIND.
I know for me it really helps me feel ready (or as ready as I can be for labor) because at least I still feel great and working out develops mental toughness, which can strengthen your ability to control what you think about and what your body can endure cause your mind doesn't let your body quit.

I like to vary my workouts up with spin, kickboxing, running, strength training, walking, and swimming, and stand up paddle boarding (but I'd hardly call that a workout with no waves on the lake its more relaxing). 
General rule of thumb is not trying anything new while pregnant and if you did it for three months or more before you got pregnant you can continue while pregnant.  

3 Prego Workout Tips:

1. Might need TUMS before hand - Don't let the Heartburn stop you

2. Kegel with any jumping

3. Don't feel guilty one bit for taking it easy the first trimester.
 I recommend doing nothing strenuous or jumping until week 13.  Just because you stopped your first trimester or for a few weeks of sickness doesn't mean you have to stop for the remaining 8 months. 


  1. love this post :) i literally just found out i am pregnant yesterday (which is why i'm posting as anonymous.. dont want anyone to know yet and one of my friends reads your blog!) and i want to eat as healthy as possible. thank you for the advice!

  2. Congratulations!!! I will keep posting about a healthy pregnancy with eating and working out as well as getting your body back afterward, so hopefully that will be helpful to you during this exciting time. Being a mom is the best ever!!!