Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take Responsibility = Change

 I love this because I see so many times the blame game. I've been guilty of it myself.  Blaming someone else for where you are at or for why you do sometime.  Ex. It's my husbands fault because he opens the bottle of wine, or because he is not a healthy eater.  It's my job that keeps me from working out or eating heathy, kids, money, whatever.

The problem is when we blame someone or something else then they are in control of you, which leaves your helpless and in victim mentality. When we take ownership and responsibility for our own actions then we can really change. You are in control.

If I had to guess who ever it is that you might be putting the blame on for carrying extra weight or being out of shape is probably not spoon feeding you.

If you want to make real changes in your life, let go of the excuses and take responsibility for your actions and your will then be able to finally get to your destination, whatever that may be.

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