Thursday, May 24, 2012

False Alarms & Workouts Prior to Due Date

I should have known it wasn't real labor when I could stand in the parking lot and take pictures before going into the hospital.  I'm so thankful my mom was here the week before to care for me during all the early labor. 
False Alarm #2 
 False Alarm #3
Swimming laps with my dad and dan
Working out during the 3rd trimester- I recommend swimming if you can.  If you have any back pain getting the weight off can feel amazing. 

Relax as much as you can to make sure you have energy during labor.
I did a small amount of strength training, but wanted to make sure I was not sore at all.  I recommend sticking to lighter weights and only do exercises that you have been consistently doing (nothing new) to avoid any soreness.  You body uses so much energy to recover from a workout that leaves you feeling sore, which could leave you tired before you even go into labor.

I wanted to have as much endorphins as I could to help with the pain, so I would run intervals on the treadmill (so I could get off if I needed to or if I went into labor).  I only recommend running if you have been prior to and during your pregnancy otherwise just walk, which I did a ton of especially during early labor.  Although the walking feels great, it just doesn't give me the endorphin rush like running does.

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