Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jedidiah's Room :)

 It feels so good to have Jedidiah's room ready.  I just love being in there. I wanted to post it once the window coverings got here, but they are taking forever, so just imagine shutters in place of the card board in the window.
I found this decal on Etsy and loved it.  Needless to say it was a freaking nightmare to put up! However, I was determined to have this on the wall no matter what it took. Luckily, my husband is a rock star and tried numerous adhesives and creative method to get it to stay. 
My mother-in-law got us the book shelf from Pottery Barn :) Thanks mom! 
I'm so thankful for all my friends and family that helped us fill it up already! My sister got me a different book for every month I am pregnant. It was so fun to see what book it would be each month.  Thanks Jenn! 
 I love sitting in the glider and reading him his books even though he is not born yet.  

I'm so thankful for many of my cousins, aunts, and grandma Pat that all made it possible for me to get the glider I really wanted for his room.  There generosity will create many memories rocking our babies.

 My friend Elvia and her husband made this awesome ruler for us to measure his height!  I love it.  She got the idea from pinterest.
 I saw this on Etsy too and loved it.  It made me emotional just reading it.
But get this, my sister-in-law Katie also spotted it for us and got it for us but I don't even think she knew I wanted it.  Thanks Katie!

 Since, you pretty much can't have anything in the crib now (no bumpers, pillows, blankets, etc) I decided to make other things the focus in the room instead of the crib.  However, my friend nicole and krystal made me this banner that I just turned into a crib skirt.

We found the exact style of crib I wanted for free on Craigslist. I had a breakdown over the crib not being safe and because it had a ghost sticker on it, but the sticker came off and Dan stood in the crib to prove to me it is safe. Should have got a picture of that.  I haven't had that many crazy pregnancy stories I actually think the extra testosterone is amazing, so I needed a funny store we could laugh about later.
 Just imagine the shutters, not the ugly cardboard.  My friends Howard, Nicole, and Krystal made me the wreath and the frame to the right of the window.  I love that almost all of the decorations in his room are made by our friends!  My sister-in-law Katie also made these awesome burp cloths that match his room!
I decide to go with an inexpensive Ikea dresser, so I'm not freaking out when it gets scratched and banged up by kids.
I took down the mirrored closet doors for his closet and put up these curtains instead. I found them at Target and then had my friend Hayden just sow the bottom yellow and black part on them.  Thanks Hayden!  

In his closet, I got used this great shelf from Ikea. The baskets are so big they really hold a lot of stuff.  
 My friend Missy made this for me and it went perfect in his room!  Thanks Missy!
 I just need to find a lamp for the side table.  On the black shelf my mother-in-law made us that frame with our baby pictures and a spot to add Jedi's picture and my friends made me his name in all the white frames. Seriously...I don't know what I would have done with out my friends and family they really helped make his room special.


  1. Looks beautiful, Jessica! Hope you are feeling well. Look forward to seeing baby Jedi pictures when he arrives :)

  2. Hi Shannon, So good to hear from you. I'm feeling great and so excited that he can come any day now. I would love to catch up with you and see how things are going. I will post pictures for sure once he is born :)

  3. I love Jedidiah's room!!! The colors are so cool..and I love the tree (I have a tree decal with birds in my room too...hubby is such a sport:) Praying for a quick and easy delivery for you very soon (hugs)!

  4. Hi Jessica...
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jedi's room. How exciting this must all be for you and Dan! We wish you the very best for a quick and easy delivery and look forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful son!! Love...
    Paul and Layla :)

  5. Everything looks awesome and very unique! Can't wait to see that sweet Baby boy in there! Xoxo