Saturday, April 7, 2012

Urban Plates

So...I've finally been to the new Urban Plates in Del Mar and it is my new favorite place. It seems like it's always packed, so I recommend going before or after the lunch and dinner rush.
This picture is from their website, but I tried one of their salads
 and a sample of the Soba Noodles and they were both  yummy.  

What I love most is that their food is from local farms and producers and they won't break the bank!

Their meat is hormone, antibiotic free and their food is just delicious.

When I saw this wall of leafy greens and fresh produce I totally fell in love with this place.  It's just so nice to have places that have food that make you feel amazing and taste good too.
I highly recommend Urban Plates and it's places like this that really make me miss San Diego.

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