Monday, March 4, 2013

Coco Libre

 I started adding my coconut water to my protein shakes and it tastes great plus I get all the added benefits.  It sweetens it just enough without excess sugar from juice.  It can be expensive, so I stock up when it is on sale.

Flying to see my family with baby Jedidiah :)
Air travel can cause puffiness and water retention, so I like to drink coconut water prior to my flight as well as on the flight.
If your airport has a Coffee Bean, they normally sell coconut water there.  I have also seen it sold in other airport shops as well.


  • Potassium in the coconut water flushes out excess water, so it helps with the puffiness from air travel
  • Maintains balance in the body and increase metabolism
  • Balm for the stomach - good for acidity and heartburn 
  • electrolites, vitamins, minerals, chlorides
  • Alkalizes body
  • antibacterial & antiviral (another reason why I down this prior to and on my flight)
I also drink this post-workout for quicker recovery 
It is also the perfect drink to pack for a day at the beach to stay hydrated.  

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