Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easy Whole Food Snack

 If you are looking for more whole food snacks I like to make grilled chicken to just grab and go or to throw on my salads.  It makes getting some protein in and staying full longer much easier by making some during the week to last me a few days.  I love the Costco organic no salt seasoning (I use it on just about everything).

Cooked in coconut oil gives it a really good flavor
 If you are trying to lose weight, keeping your blood sugar stable is key. So adding some protein with your apple can help tremendously to stay satisfied and to lose weight.
I recommend buying hormone antibiotic free and the healthiest meat you can find. It's amazing how much better it tastes and remember you can't get health from sick animals.  
 Jedi is 11 months now and love skateboarding with his dad.
 He screams with excitement all the way down the street.
 Easter was so much fun seeing him do his first Easter egg hunt.
 He just loves his dad and pretty much loves everything.

Fishing with Jedi.

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