Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rise Bars

If you are looking for other options for a healthy bar Rise bars are free of Gluten, GMO's, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts and Preservatives.  I like that they have some bars for protein, energy, and breakfast.  They are similar to Larabars that have few ingredients and mostly have nuts and dried fruit.

I do have to say I was so excited to finally try one at Whole Foods.  Luckily the stocker was right near me so I could ask to try it right there, so I could buy more if I liked it and not have to buy that one if I didn't.  I tried the carob one and was so let down that it was not good, but luckily I could give it back.  I was so disappointed cause it had a bad after tasted, but I'm sure the fruit ones would be great and I love their list of simple real food ingredients.

Bars can be so expensive. I like to order Larabars by the case on amazon cause Jedi loves them!

I've been making my own bars that are so good!!! They taste like dessert.  I'll post them next.

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