Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Cook's Paradise

Sur La Table is at the Carlsbad Forum and they could not have come up with a better tag line of "a cook's paradise". 
They have just about every gadget and basic cooking supplies you could ever need. All high quality products.  They also offer a variety cooking classes. 
I've really needed a larger skillet, but now that I'm cooking so many servings per meal with my new Supper Club I could not hold off any longer. 

The Scanpan will change your life. It is dishwasher safe, lifetime warrenty, PFOA free, easy to clean. 

By now you have all heard about the danger of Teflon and if it is still in your kitchen I would just take the time to throw. Anything that can release toxic gasses that can kill birds and cause flu-like symptoms can't be safe for you.  If you have switched to nice stainless steal cookware, good for you, but if you love eggs and hate to spend more time cleaning your pan than actually cooking with it, this pan is good for you b/c you can use metal in it without damaging the surface and it is even safe at high temperatures, even for the oven. 

I can now make seared Ahi :) 
I would always try to sear my Ahi, but I never could because I did not have the right pan. 

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