Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Descanso Valley Ranch @ Little Italy Farmers Market

I know I have blogged about Descanso Valley Ranch before, but I just have to tell you how great they are again.  I did not have enough cash and I left my cc in the car and they were so nice to give me an IOU, so I could get my stuff and just pay them next week.  They are so nice! It makes me want to keep giving them my business. 

There eggs are the best!   Did you know that they don't have to be refrigerated and can last several months!!!! yes months! I was blown away and I love learning new things. However, that does not work for the grocery store once because of how they take away the protective layer naturally around the eggs that preserves them.  I can't explain it like he did, but if you stop by you should ask him. 

Thanks Bobbi & Jamie for going with me. It is way more fun than going to the grocery store :)

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