Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Recipe All Year! Moroccan Chicken

OH MY GOSH...this is the best recipe I've made all year. I normally steer away from recipes that call for a lot of ingredients. I really like quick and simple, but this recipe is worth it.  The only problem is it makes me want to get his cookbook because this turned out so well I bet he has other recipes just as good. I love that it is loaded with vegetables. 

 I really like that it is made with cauliflower rice, which is so simple to make. Just put it through the food processor. 

It actually did not take me much time to make. Doing a little prep work the night before makes it so easy. I just cut the onion and measured all the spices out, so it saved a little time. 
check out the link below to get the recipe.  

Does anyone have the Primal Blueprint Cookbook? 
If so, how do you like it? 
Are there any other recipes from Mark's Daily Apple that are really good and I should make?

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