Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Feel Like Cooking

I've been so busy lately and I have no desire to cook at all.  I normally love cooking and trying new recipes, but sometimes I go through times of not wanting to spend much time in the kitchen.  So...if that is you hopefully my upcoming posts will give you some ideas and to see that you can still eat healthy without much time.

I'm also trying to save money for the adoption, so I'm trying to come up with healthy easy things that don't cost much.
I just roasted asparagus with a little olive oil and sesame seeds, sea vegetables, and sea salt (10-12 min)
Pre-marinated Wile Salmon from Trader Joe's (10 min)
Steamed vegetables in the bag from Trader Joe's (3min 30 seconds) In the microwave and in a plastic bag- I know it's horrible!  I feel totally guilty that it is not organic and I just destroyed the nutrients, but I still feel like it is better to eat vegetables with little nutrients than non at all.

If you remember one thing today, add green food into your diet.  Your body will thank you for it with more stabilized moods. 

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