Saturday, December 31, 2011

whatever it takes

 So thankfully I've been back to my regular self of craving a salad daily.
However, they are not quite the same as I used to have. One of my favorites is something I would NEVER eat before = ranch and croutons with mixed greens and romain.

I'm not saying I recommend this, BUT if you don't like salads maybe starting by adding some things you do like can help.  I feel like getting greens in someway is better than no greens at all.
 I had a hell of a time finding a crouton that doesn't have partionally hydrogrenated oil though. I can't believe it's almost 2012 and they still allow that.  This was the only brand at my grocery store I could find that did not have it and had the least ingredients. I think I will resort to making my own after this.
If you like ranch, I recommend the Newman's.  They have it at Target and at least it has less ingredients and no partionally hydrogenated oil like the rest of them.  I mean Hidden Valley has 30 ingredients listed and many that have scary names.  Newman's has 18, but I can say and recognize what they are.

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