Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last trip home before baby Jedi comes

 I took my last trip home to see my family before baby Jedidiah gets here. I love arriving and having my nieces greet me.
 It was late for the girls, so in their pj's they came.
 Allie & Kaylani

 The next day it is straight to play beauty parlor.
 I had to soak up all the dress up time, performances, ballet, hula, barbies, dolls, and beauty parlor I could get with these girls before it's dirt, soccer games, wrestling, cars, planes, and trucks.
 Kanoa only 4 years old has amazing balance surfing
 It was so hard going home and not being able to surf with the kids.  Didn't stop me from trying, but right away I knew it just wasn't going to happen nor was it worth the risk.
It's so fun now that my belly is bigger. I love feeling him kick.
 I couldn't surf, but I had fun jumping in the kayak with the kids.
 All my nieces and nephew's in Hawaii.
The K's = kaylani, kanoa, kalea, & kekoa
The A's = Allie & AJ
 Allie at ballet. It's so cute she does ballet moves literally all day long I love it.
 A few days later Daniel arrived.
 The kids just love their fun uncle.
 I had so much fun going to stroller strides with my sister Jenn.  I should have got a picture there at class.  I loved getting to meet her instructors and all her friends.  Jenn & AJ.
 It was so fun being their with the kids while I'm pregnant cause they are all about the belly. It's so cute the kids would kiss my belly at night and say "good night baby Jedi".
Dan was shooting a nerf gun at Allie (3 yr old) and she starting rubbing her belly and told him he can't do that because she has a baby in her belly and he needs to be careful.  So funny.
They would also play that their babies were pregnant too.  It was so cute.
 Family races with the kids and my dad.  Brings back so many childhood memories.
 Kaylani on her stand up paddle board. She goes with my dad almost daily to surf and stand up paddle. She is really athletic and so cute out there.  She is only 6.
 Kaylani, Daniel & Kanoa on a wave.
 More beauty parlor with the girls. I think their is a reason purple eye shadow is not used as blush. I looked like I got beat up.
Hiking with 6 kids.  I recommend it for sure. It's called pillbox on Oahu. The views are beautiful.  I think it only took 60-90 min with the kids. 

 View of my favorite beach.  Lanikai - clear water and fine white sand.

 Zoo field trip with my mom and my sisters and the kids.
 My dad and dan cruising the island on his harley and rented moped. It was pretty comical seeing them together.
I love that the kids always make us a sign when we come to visit. Dan and I in front of our happy new year sign.
I can't believe how fast the pregnancy is going by I love every minute of it, but I'm also so excited to meet our son.

After 3 days of being stuck in Hawaii, I'm finally back to the mainland. So bummed I missed you girls on Saturday, but I'm looking forward to seeing you this week :)

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