Thursday, January 19, 2012

Juicing Made Easy

 When juicing I recommend always organic, but if all else fails I think juicing conventional farmed is better than no vegetables. I've been guilty of not buying produce to juice because its not organic, but I think vegetable juice is better than no juice. 
I do a mix since I'm more limited up here than when in SD. 
I like to buy them at Costco since juicing using so much produce and they only have certain things that are organic. 

 I like to make a green drink and then a fruit drink to chase it with.
my favorite it celery, cucumber, green apple, and spinach
I added a carrot in this one, but it was too sweet with the carrot.
 If you have the jack lalane and it sprays coming out I put a covering over the spout. 
 This made a ton of juice, but normally I just make half this amount.

My goal is to juice as much as I can (~4-5x a week) while pregnant.  I just feel healthier just doing it before I even drink it. But it give me lots of energy and makes me feel good.
I encourage you to do healthy things. Do things that make you feel good even before you do them cause you know it's going to be good for you.  

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