Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Juicing made Easier

I tried putting my juice straight from the juicer to the freezer and it was amazing.
I've tried juicing for three days at a time and filling the jars to the top to keep from oxidizing as much, but this tasted WAY more fresh.


  • Use Glass jars 
  • Make sure you leave room for expansion 
  • Try a small amount of each one to test if it tastes good after being frozen. I guess some vegetables and fruits don't taste as good after being frozen. Might have to experiment here cause I'm not sure which ones yet.
  • Let it sit out for a few hours to defrost or slowly defrost in frig.  
  • I also have 12 oz mason jars, which are my favorite size instead of this jumbo one. Less space taken up in the freezer and still room for expansion.  I freeze about 8oz servings.  
I've done carrot, collard greens, celery, cucumber and it was good.
I also did grapefruit and it was good.
I froze grapefruit, orange, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and ate it out of the mason jar with a spoon like sorbet and it was AMAZING.  

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