Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Salmon for Less & Hiking with Baby Backpack

Hate to admit it, but have to share it with you because it's fast, easy, filling, and inexpensive.

  My new go to and have on hand for times I don't want to make something or need something quick, so trying to spend less on my grocery  bill is this Wild Alaskan Salmon from Trader Joe's mixed with TJ mayonnaise that is made with minimal ingredients like Apple cider vinegar & eggs. 

 I wish it didn't have canola oil, which is horrible for you and the tin can from the salmon is not the best either, but it is so yummy and keeps me full for hours. It's also nice to have for an easy snack, lunch, or dinner paired up with a salad for sure.  

Oh just make sure it says no skin or bones.  

If you have a little one, we LOVE this back pack.
 We got it from a friend and it is perfect for hiking, traveling, and Jedi loves being in there.  We get stopped all the time from people asking us where we got it, so I thought I would post it for all your new moms with little ones. It is a Kelty Junction 2.0 and it also has lots of space for things in the backpack and is a great size unlike some of those really big ones they sell.

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  1. Love the backpack. Looks perfect for Disneyland trips