Sunday, August 11, 2013


I use a cooler pretty much daily to take meals and snacks for me and my family when I'm on the go.
The only problem is my husband keeps threatening to throw out all my ice packs that consume our freezer. I insist I need them all, since I need enough to keep my food cold all day.

Has anyone ever tried these Pack-it coolers? 
I would love to hear how you like them and if they are worth it. 
You freeze the cooler, which folds up small, and it's supposed to keep things cold for ten hours, which means I can get rid of all the bulky ice packs. 
It just seems like a long time to stay cold for that thin bag, so I'm hesitant to buy it and not have it work when I have so many coolers already, but if it does work I think I need one.  
Please leave your comments below if they work or not.  Thanks!

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